Roja Danger Eau De Parfum

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Roja Danger Eau De Parfum

They should put up signs around this one to warn women off. Normally, we’d say, hey, wear what you love regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, but Danger Parfum Pour Homme is so ridiculously masculine that it has been known to fertilize entire fields of daffodils at a time. Between its smoky, woodsy, aromatic heart and gruff, animalic leather base, this is surely the John Wayne of the perfume world.

But male forcefulness comes not at the expense of character or complexity; Danger can walk and chew gum at the same time. After a classically barbershop opening of bergamot and lavender, Danger settles into a warm, salty ambergris accord, as mineralic and as sweet as a fresh sea breeze. The ambergris is a constant, and provides the rich, ambery backbone upon which all else hangs. The musky, slightly grimy leather that develops in the base is a textured thing of great beauty. Danger Parfum pour Homme is a rich leather fougere for those who love Heritage and Jicky but are now ready to put on their big boy pants.


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