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Signature Scent Monthly

1 Perfume Per Month

Starting 15.99 per month
Elevate your essence monthly with a signature full-size fragrance tailored to your style.
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Dual Delight Collection

2 Perfumes Per Month

Starting 25.99 per month
Discover versatility in scent with two distinct full-size perfumes, perfect for day and night transitions.
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Trio Treasure Trove

3 Perfumes Per Month

Starting 35.99 per month
Curate your fragrance collection with three unique full-size perfumes each month, embracing variety and luxury.
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Regular Perfumes

Essence Starter

15.99 per month
A basic plan designed for those new to the world of fragrances, offering a curated selection of delightful, everyday scents.
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Premium Perfumes

Aroma Select

25.99 per month
A mid-tier plan that offers a more diverse range of high-quality fragrances, perfect for enthusiasts looking to explore unique and classic aromas.
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Platinum Perfumes

Luxury Olfactory

35.99 per month
The premium plan featuring exclusive, luxury fragrances for the connoisseur, delivering the ultimate scent experience with rare and exotic perfumes each month.
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