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Sweet vanilla that lasts long on my skin

I love this perfume and this my 5th bottle, first time from Fragrance Lord very hard to find elsewhere - always out of stock. So grateful to get my hands on some

Citrus and Woodsy

It is a fragrance that is pumped by many fragrance reviewers on Youtube, so I bought it blind. You must love citrus fragrances because this is what it is. I have worn it out in public several times, but I did not get any compliments. For me, it does not have a main scent that I can smell when I wear it, which is what I usually want from a fragrance.

Jazz Club

This fragrance is wonderful! I love it. This is my first Maison Margiela fragrance and won't be my last. This is a wonderful site to order authentic fragrances from.

Excellent transaction

Great product, great price and happy customer

Thoughts on PDM's "Kuhuyan"

I think I've become obsessed with this fascinating and beautiful fragrance; it's superbly blended. I'm thinking of getting a back-up bottle.

Initio Parfums Prives Oud For Greatness Eau De Parfum Spray

Shipping Protection
Samuel Ramírez

Everything came as expected, authentic fragrances and also loved the samples they sent me in!

Duro Extrait De Parfum Spray

Oud for greatness

This is one of the best franchises in my small collection, very good aroma, long lasting on the skin and at a good price, I can recommend it 100%, and it arrived very quickly, thank you

Great scent

Best oud out there. One spray - all day.

unique fragrance. spicy and long lasting

attar fragrances are always long lasting. the cinnamon in this scent is lovely.

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Sasha Dixon

Service very good

Shipping Protection
Richard Passmore

Never received any better packaging even from Lucky Scent then Fragrancelord it's so good had hard time throughing the packaging out.

Shipping Protection
Raul Reyes Jr

If you want to spend the extra money for piece of mind … go for it. Never really had any issues with shipping. So far USPS and fragrance lord had done a great job packaging and delivering.

Initio Parfums Prives Oud For Greatness Eau De Parfum Spray

Great cologne strong smell

Great customer support and they are fast super recommend to buy from this website

What a crush

Love this scent, I received soo many compliments it was crazy.It’s
unisex but more on the sweet side very different I will repurchase this fragrance over and over the name sayyid all love it

Initio Parfums Atomic Rose Eau De Parfum Spray

Shipping Protection
Randy Rodriguez

i dont think it was necessary but i guess the protection of shipping is kinda of good

The real deal!

I was unsure because the of how low the price is. But this scent is incredible! I received compliments on my first day wearing it! Definitely getting a backup bottle soon.

Initio Side effect

Delivered super fast. Amazing prices. I definitely recommend. This is where I get mot of my fragrances

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Jhon Castillo

Navidium Shipping Protection

Shipping Protection
Francisco Diaz
Fast and Reliable

Shipping was ultra fast and secured. Another reason the shop here