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  • Tom Ford Rose Prick
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Tom Ford Rose Prick Eau De Parfum Spray

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What is Tester?

All our tester products are authentic, they've never been used and they come directly from the brands.
A tester is a version of a fragrance that comes in plain white or cardboard box. And Tester versions come in the same bottle as the retail version and include the same amount and quality of the fragrance. In most cases, a tester fragrance will come with cap however the only brand doesn’t come with the cap is Creed. we purchase these items for less and pass the savings on to you.

This Fragrance has been refilled by Fragrance Lord from the original bottle of perfume/cologne to the fragrance lord travel spray to help customer carry their favorite fragrance everywhere or sample it before buy the bottle.
We use our 8ml/0.27oz travel spray which you can spray it 120 times.

Fragrance Lord is not affiliated with the brand.

This Fragrance has been refilled by Fragrance Lord from the original bottle of perfume/cologne to the fragrance lord travel spray to help customer carry their favorite fragrance everywhere or sample it before buy the bottle.
We use our 8ml/0.27oz travel spray which you can spray it 120 times.

Fragrance Lord is not affiliated with the brand.

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Why Choose Tom Ford Rose Prick Perfume?

Tom Ford Rose Prick is a popular perfume that features a unique and alluring scent. Some people may choose this perfume for its combination of floral and spicy notes, which creates a sophisticated and seductive aroma. Rose is a key note, which is known for its classic and feminine scent. Additionally, Tom Ford is a well-known luxury brand known for creating high-quality perfumes with unique ingredients and long lasting fragrance. The perfume is also known for its packaging, which is quite exclusive and luxurious. The unique combination of notes in the perfume can make it a unique choice and different from the other perfumes available. People may also choose this perfume for its reputation and positive reviews it has received. Ultimately, the choice to use this perfume would depend on personal preference and interest in a unique, high-quality, and exclusive fragrance.


𝟏:- 𝐓𝐎𝐏 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐒: Sichuan Pepper and Turmeric.

𝟐:- 𝐌𝐈𝐃𝐃𝐋𝐄 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐒: May Rose, Bulgarian Rose and Turkish Rose.

𝟑:- 𝐁𝐀𝐒𝐄 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐒: Patchouli and Tonka Bean.


Tom Ford Rose Prick Perfume by Tom Ford, Enjoy the sumptuous luxury and playful charm of Tom Ford Rose Prick, a splendid women’s fragrance. This tempting perfume blends spicy, floral and earthy accords for a rich and elusive scent that effortlessly entices anyone nearby. Top notes of Sichuan pepper and turmeric open the scent with a bold, bright intensity, while middle notes of Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose and May rose combine to create a masterfully romantic bouquet. Finally, base notes of tonka bean and patchouli lend a heady, natural essence for an altogether exotic and seductive fragrance you’ll never want to wash away from your skin.

Encased in a matte, dusky pink flacon in the signature chess piece shape from the brand, this 2020 concoction looks as chic and feminine as it smells within. This intoxicating scent was launched by the esteemed American fashion house of Tom Ford, which is known for high fashion, accessories and eyewear. The brand has released nearly 100 unique fragrances over the years.

Tom Ford Rose Prick Perfumes for women and men, if you are searching for a fresh, clean scent to take you from the boardroom to the dance floor, Tom Ford Rose Prick long lasting perfume is sure to deliver. This perfectly balanced men's and women's fragrance features the notes to create a refreshing aroma that stands out from the crowd. Make Tom Ford Rose Prick natural perfumes for men and women part of you’re grooming routine, and enjoy feeling confident and masculine throughout the day.


➤ TOM FORD ROSE PRICK PERFUME: The Rose Prick women and men’s perfume shines with its masculinity and wild character. It has a fresh scent while also being very elegant and raw at the same time. Intimate and romantic moments in your life are when this fragrance is applied.

➤ ELEGANTLY FRAGRANCE: This unisex perfume has successfully orchestrated a subtle contrast between elegance and energy, with the deep, sensual base accord stimulated by fresh, sparkling, notes. The divine mixture of notes brings out an elegant and forceful signature.

➤ UNIQUELY YOURS: Our natural perfume fragrances interact with your individual body chemistry for a fragrance experience that is uniquely yours. Tom Ford Rose Prick perfume is an international, luxury fragrance brand with credible, long-lasting and innovative fragrances that pay tribute to the art of fine perfume making.

➤ SUITABLE FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Make this man and women's fragrances perfume your everyday, signature scent or save it for those special moments like parties, birthdays, and weddings. It gives just the right amount of fragrance for casual wear, nights in the town, or special date nights.

➤ PERFECT FOR GIFT: Tom Ford Rose Prick man and women perfume is perfect for unisex gifts for adults, boys, and girls. Whether it's your first meeting anniversary or wedding anniversary, this is sure to be his next signature fragrance. Perfect gift for women and the perfect perfume gift for men for birthdays, Christmas, and other happy occasions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Opening this perfume is a shock for the senses in the best way. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I reveled in every single step along the way. The box and bottle are beautiful and it looks great displayed on my countertop. The scent threw me off at first. I didnt get rose from it. The initial scent really gave me vibes of the smell/taste of Sen Sen confection sucrerie mint licorice candy from my childhood. That quickly wears off though and the scent really becomes more complex throughout the day and it really lasts forever. I love this stuff!

Fond memories

I fell in love with this fragrance almost instantly. I at first was hesitant to smell another rose fragrance as I have been so disappointed in the past. Most of those were either so linear, smelled like soap, or had an old fashioned cheap rose smell. Upon my first sniff I was hooked! I have been on a constant search of a rose perfume that would bring back memories of my Moms love of Tea roses. This hit that to a tee! (Smile). It is so comfy, cozy, and easy to wear. It should not offend even the most anti-frag person, it might even make them ask what you are wearing. Thank you Tom Ford for finally ending my search for that perfect Rose scent!

MODERN. Sexy, mature & intriguing

This is not your stereotypical "Rose-scented" perfume. Right off the bat, you're gonna pick up the Rose scent and if you are not a fan of "Rose" in general, this might not be up your alley. BUT! I think it is worth a second glance.


This perfume is everything. Before this I didnt have a clue about quality perfumes. This will seriously change your life. 1 spray is all you need and will easily last you 24 hours. I know this Bc Ive woken up first thing in the morning and its the first thing I smelled. Perfume is specific to everyone, we all have different chemical makeups which makes perfume smell differently. This perfume luckily smells amazing on me... and my mom. Its an easy everyday go to and will clearly last forever as you only need one spray or even half a spray. Will definitely buy more tom Ford perfume in the future. So blown away. Its floral without being girly.

Walking Rose Goddess!

I like this perfume! I received this product as a free sample, and let me tell you, the smell at first is STRONG but as it dries down it eases down. You have the rose scent plus a spicy smell at the same time. I would personally wear this perfume for a night out. I think that the Bulgarian Rose, Rose de Mai from Grasse, Turmeric notesare Clearly there and you smell them right away. You really dont need to spray a crazy amount of this perfume on just two sprays and trust me honey youll be good! When I wear this perfume I feel powerful and like a walking rose goddess! (So thats a plus!) The packaging is cute but the bottle is so elegant that it looks amazing in my vanity. So I definitely recommend it!!!